Complacent EP

by Centerfield

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released April 18, 2013

Will Teague: Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Joey Tarantino: Lead Guitar
A.J. Polesel: Bass
Mark Bessler: Drums
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Ryan Pyle @ The Monster House
Artwork by Rachel Bishop





Boize makin noize

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Track Name: Myspace
Oh frigid nights where have you gone I need the cold so I can sleep this off so I can find my way back home in this house full of smoke that dries these tears from my eyes so I messed up why are you surprised but I won't let it get to me this sheltered car is so comforting I'm starting to trust myself nothing left to hold me back regrets put in the past tomorrow isn't far away
Track Name: Lethargic
I got out of bed today lacking motivation to bullshit my way through this life spending hours staring at white walls telling me I can't grow up waste so much time thinking of how if I could go back how I would change everything but life's too short and we're all inevitably dying more and more every day
Track Name: Mindful
Numb and nervous laying on the floor again a victim of self-pity perpetuating selfishness faces surround me none familiar anymore eyes too dry to see you and these old feelings are like anchors weighing me down but I'm heading north and moving on to find what it is that you held me back from
Track Name: Hourglass
I always remember the mistakes that I make no matter how hard I try to forget them the bottle's empty I'm feeling down when the night gets cold I finally get to sleep sunlight blinds the eyes half-empty cans spill on the floor beneath the rug it stains coffee takes the pain away empty parking lots memories return to me again but I'm not bitter I'm happy with where I am and I'm never going back
Track Name: Gilligan
Wind blowing against me I'm trapped in my own thoughts went back to the bench we used to talk on but now it's gone the wood on the funbox rotted so long ago but the broken pieces still remain on the old gravel road isolated once again a stoic face replaces the old grin and the gaping holes in our stomachs remind us of what we tried to forget I'm tired of trying to revisit the past when it's all dead as all my old friends leave I guess I'll have to play pretend as life goes on