Time and Physical Decay

by Centerfield

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Recorded in the fall and winter of 2013
@ the Monster House by Ryan Pyle
Mastered by Bill Henderson @ Azimuth


released December 26, 2013





Boize makin noize

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Track Name: Adolescence
You're wasting all your time staring in the mirror
Building a shelter to protect you from the world that puts you down
Just find a way to comfortably express yourself
And take pride in who you are

Don't be ashamed
Competition only destroys
It'll only get better if we listen to each other and don't condescend
Track Name: Distance
So shorten your breath to relieve you from the stress
Another six or seven dollars and you'll feel a whole lot better
As your lungs go dry and your body slowly dies
Your problems disappear into the sky

And I'm not one to talk pouring sludge into my stomach
To keep me from passing out
But I won't give up the future isn't predetermined
We can carry on if we only try

We're getting older now
And we feel our bodies crumbling down
But we carry on with our broken hearts
We won't be held back by our self-defeating thoughts

Cause every mistake I've made is another lesson learned
But I can't let go of this grudge I've been holding against myself
And take a step back and forgive myself
This quarter of our life has been dragging on so long
Work until you get old, then you're gonna die alone
We can find ourselves again
Track Name: Pier
Staring at clouds of burning coal
Takes my mind off what we once were
As I walk down this pier by myself
And inhale the smoke of someone else

A river of children
Pulled in by the current
Their souls have been forgotten
Their parents cry in silence
Track Name: Vatican
The stained glass windows and incense make me sick
You're just a hollow statue no one knows why they exist
Full of pride we live
Full of pride we die
Transparent insecurities we choose to hide

An existence only to destroy
A place we comfortably lie down
Repressing fear of nothingness
Decomposing underground

We are all so fucking numb
Of any empathy at all
I will never feel love
From a God who can't respond