by Centerfield

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Recorded in Liam Fletcher's Basement in about 6 hours.


released October 21, 2012

Liam Fletcher


tags: punk emo indie




Boize makin noize

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Track Name: Adolescence
You're wasting all your time staring in the mirror building a shelter to protect you from the world that puts you down just find a way to comfortably express yourself and take pride in who you are don't be ashamed competition only destroys it'll only get better if we listen to each other and don't condescend
Track Name: 12pm
Oh Sunday came once again too soon for me at noon I wake up confused sentimental nostalgic dreams I can't remember with the morning air can we get up again the smoke and poison leave me hurting but can't hold me back because the sound makes me invincible and I don't care if the sky falls or where the hell I'll be 10 years from now
Track Name: Woodford's Revenge
These empty bottles don't forgive they only remind you of the past you tried so hard to forget but you regressed back to the start and time doesn't stop as you patiently wait for your problems to resolve and for everyone to forget the damage done but it doesn't work that way I saw my reflection in my dad's old crystal glass the old credence album playing on the 8-track by the cabinet full of poison in the northeast where I felt content with who I am and what I chose to be