by Centerfield

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released October 10, 2014

Will Teague: Guitar/Vox
A.J. Polesel: Bass
Mark Bessler: Drums

Recorded/Mixed by Scotty Leitch
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth

Artwork: Zach Post
Pictures: T.J. Strohmer





Boize makin noize

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Track Name: Port Royal
Sometimes I can’t breathe
With this weight pressing down on me
The sharpest pain felt in my guts
I don’t know how I let it get this far

But when I get home I’ll see
The stars in the sky above the trees
Reflected by the water down below
I feel so calm I feel my mind glow
Track Name: Scotty Knows
My stomach’s burning
My heart keeps racing
My stomach’s burning
But I’m still breathing

I tried so hard to put it out
But it only made things worse
I tried so hard to put it out
But it only made things

I’ve been waiting for
The pain to go away
I’ve been waiting so long
But I won’t anymore

Spent so long sitting around
But it only made things worse
My lungs are coal
My body’s collapsed
Can’t remember last time I laughed

Wasting time
Fucking up
Do the same shit day
Track Name: Mid
Waiting for nothing
Just darkness and silence
A loss of our feelings
No pain or sickness
Beneath the dirt
Track Name: The Money Riff
Time slipped away
And nothing changed
And I’m not trying to complain
I’m fine with it right now

No I don’t ever want to change

Complacently waiting
Content with nothing
Deprived of feeling

What it’s like to be
So normal and full of self-esteem
And feel confident enough to look someone in the eye
I’ll never know how that feels

Slowly die inside
I slowly die inside
Track Name: Hyrule
There’s a place
There’s a place I go
A place to think
Where no one knows
Who I am or where I’m from
A place where I can still have fun

I’ve been sick
I’ve been sick so long
But I repressed it since I was young
It made me a monster
Some called a man
But I was a coward who didn’t understand

I was not myself
I was just a hollow shell

My head was empty
My mind was numb
Could not feel a thing
Could not at all
But I got better
As time went on
Haven’t changed too much
Just not alone